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Baby Swing Review

Baby Swing Review

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Baby swings are beneficial to a small baby and parents. Baby swings can calm a fussy baby and also give the parent a bit of a break.  Happy baby=happy parents. Swings soothe fussy, colicky babies and finding the right one can be a bit daunting. This baby swing review is to help inform parents like me about a product before deciding to buy.

We were in the market for a new swing and bought this Fisher-Price – Butterfly Garden Papasan Cradle ‘n Swing for our two-month-old baby girl. Before purchasing this I did a web search and shopped around, and this swing was the highest reviewed, and I can see why. Every other swing I was shopping for online had four-star reviews, and when buying something for my child, I would prefer it to have at least five stars. I do not want to purchase a product that isn’t safe and will quit working after a few uses, so I go off of reviews when making a purchase.

Ok so now to our Butterfly Garden Papasan Swing. I absolutely love this swing, and so does my baby girl! I ordered this swing online and received it, in its original packaging, meaning it did not come in a box it just came as is. The swing is a perfect size, not that big where it will take a lot of space. The legs on the swing fold for easy storage, so it’s not taking up a spot in your home all of the time.

Baby Swing Review

The swing was very easy to put together. I had it put together in under 30 minutes. It comes with six screws and two bolts. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver for the six screws, and it comes with a bolt fastener to secure those two pieces in.

Once I had it put together, I could not wait to put my daughter in it to try it out. However, before placing your child in it for the first time, you will want to make sure to wash the Pad with Headset first in cold water. We used Dreft to wash (The handling instructions states to wash in cold water with mild detergent and tumble dry on low).

So now baby girl is in her swing smiling, looking so peaceful and comfortable, and she loves it. She loves the swinging motion, music and staring up at the butterfly lighted mobile. This is what I love that the swing offers. Beginning at the top. There are six swing speeds. The swing also plays 16 songs and has two Nature sounds. There is a volume up and down button so the baby can hear the music for the songs and sounds at the level that you would like your baby to hear them. There is also a mobile with three cute little hanging butterflies attached, the turns around and lights up as green. My baby girl loves gazing at that, and I am sure your little one will too.

There are three seat positions that you can adjust for the motion of the swing. The swing is intended to go from side to side. However, you can turn it left or right for it to go from front to back which is awesome because it’s just not limited to just one swing position! The seat also adjusts so baby can recline or set up right and you just snap it into position, it is that easy! I mentioned prior about the six swing speeds.
An awesome feature that comes with this swing is SmartSwing technology which auto adjusts and senses your baby’s weight, so speeds don’t slow as the baby grows and I absolutely love that! It also states that there is improved motor performance. I am not sure on prior Fisher Price swings as this is my first, however, if this is an improvement than I find it to be an amazing one, because the motor is whisper quiet, you cannot tell its on unless you’re playing music or sounds.

Another benefit to the swing is that it comes with an AC power adapter so you’re able to plug it in instead of running it on batteries (which can get expensive if you use it frequently) so you can move anywhere in the house close to an outlet. If you don’t want to plug it in and for some reason would like to run it on batteries, it takes 4 D batteries (LR20 alkaline) 1.5V. (Batteries are not included)

The weight limit on it says 25 pounds, but it does state that it is for babies up to nine months of age. My baby is currently two months old, so I’m hoping to get a good use out of the swing for the amount of money we paid for it.

The swing also has a removable tray with two bead bars for baby to play with. There is a spot in the middle of the tray where you could possibly put a bottle there, which will be useful once your little one can hold their own bottle.

Baby Swing Review

And finally, the last bit of cuteness that completes the swing is the little canopy that goes around it as well. It’s like it’s just made for a little princess. It has everything I could want in a swing! I feel like it was worth every penny that we spent on it. Some swings can tend to be pricey. However, they are well worth it in the end with all the different features that you’re able to use for baby.

I hope my review was helpful. If there is anything else you would like to know about the swing, or if you have one yourself and would like to share your experience, please share or comment. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about it!


Fisher-Price - Butterfly Garden Papasan Cradle 'n Swing



  • SmartSwing Technology
  • Quiet
  • Legs fold easily for storage
  • Three different Seating positions. Can swing side to side or front to back
  • Plugs in to wall outlet


  • Cannot think of one. If something changes I will update review

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