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Three Keys To Teaching Your Child The Alphabet

Three Keys To Teaching Your Child The Alphabet

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Three Keys To Teaching Your Child The Alphabet

Learning the alphabet is a crucial part of your child’s education especially when it comes to learning to read and write. It is vital that children learn not only to recite the letters in order, but also to recognize letters out of sequence. Even, after mastering essential memory, children will need to learn the sounds each letter describes and how to write it.

While many parents realize how important learning the alphabet is to their child, they are not always confident how to go about teaching the alphabet to their child. Many parents spend a lot of money on expensive products and programs designed to teach the alphabet but that isn’t necessary and in fact may well be counterproductive.

As an intelligent adult, you don’t need any tools, applications or publications to help you in your quest to teach the ABCs to your child. You already have all you need in your head (your knowledge of the alphabet) and your house. There are three simplistic solutions to teaching your child the alphabet:

  • Make it enjoyable
  • Make it real
  • Make it normal

Three Keys To Teaching Your Child The Alphabet

The most significant rule to master when preparing young children is to make sure that education is fun. If you can make lessons into a game, craft, or a song, then your child will be a willing and eager participant. If you turn learning into something monotonous or something that resembles work, then you will have to fight your child every step of the way. Your child wants to spend time having fun with you so why not turn education into the fun time that you spend together, so you both look forward to the experience?

Just because a teaching was entertaining enough to make your child want to do it again-and-again does not decrease its value. Learning can be fun, and something that is created enjoyable is much more likely to stick with your child in the long-term than a lesson that was required. If you can make learning the alphabet fun for your child, then you will have accomplished two essential steps toward your child’s long-term success — knowledge of the alphabet and an eagerness to learn.

Young children need to feel their world through their senses. They do learn in the more traditional ways — seeing and hearing — but often prefer a more objective method that includes touching, smelling and tasting. The more you can make the letters of the alphabet come alive for your child and give your child introduction to those letters in a way that utilizes their senses then the easier it will be to learn. Also, using the real world for your teachings will not only save you money but will also assist you in teaching your child the value of education.

Three Keys To Teaching Your Child The Alphabet

Preschoolers learn at an astonishingly fast rate but because they are learning and encountering so many new things they can disregard what they have learned just as quickly. That is why it is essential to make lessons a routine portion of your child’s day. It doesn’t suggest that you have to set aside a separate section of the day because often alphabet exercises can take place at the grocery store, in the car, or at the kitchen table.

What is significant is that you consistently present the letters to your child in various forms and continuously reinforce the acquisition of the alphabetic principle. Even after your child has mastered the alphabet make sure you regularly review the letters, so they don’t lose the knowledge.

If you make learning the alphabet entertaining, real, and consistent, then your preschooler will have a head start when the time comes to learn to read.





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