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Swimming Safety Tips

Swimming Safety Tips

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Swimming Safety Tips

Spending a hot day at the beach, lake, water park or swimming pool is an enjoyable experience, however, amongst all the fun and games it is imperative to be safe at all times.

It is crucial that you learn to swim and learn the safety procedures it takes to be safe in and around the water, as these are crucial survival skills. Accidents only take a few seconds to occur, but they can often be prevented by safeguarding your loved ones with following simple water safety procedures.


Pioneers in swimming instruction and water safety, the nation’s YMCAs are celebrating 100 years of group swimming instruction to children and adults. The YMCA offers tips to keep you and your loved ones safe while swimming in the summer and at any time of year and include:


  • Make sure an adult supervises children.


  • Be equipped for an emergency by learning lifesaving, first aid, and CPR techniques.


    • Make sure to have a stocked first aid kit, phone, emergency numbers and sunscreen close.


  • If there are any rules for swimming, make sure to follow them.


  • Even in backyard pools, there should be order, ring marker, safety fences self-closing gates and childproof locks.


  • When swimming in a pool above-ground, stay cautious and when steps are not in use, remove them.


  • Be aware of water depth, incline, and any underwater obstructions before diving. Never dive into water less than nine feet deep.


  • Children should have proper life jackets on while swimming.


  • Try to avoid expandable toys as well as armbands; they can be hazardous, giving a false sense of assurance.


  • Everyone should learn how to swim as well as basic water safety skills. If you check into the YMCA, they do offer swimming classes for all ages and levels.  To learn more information on swimming lessons with YMCA, visit their website.





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