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Homework Helper: The Importance of Helping Your Child with Homework

How can a Parent Reduce Homework time and Stress?

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How can a Parent Reduce Homework time and Stress?

Why does homework take my child 2, 3 and even four times longer than their peers and what they can I do about it?  This article defines the three key issues and what parents can do about it.  Student’s key issues often include:


  • Attention is a fundamental problem, both in class and while doing homework out of class.
  • They may often have one or more vision issues – too often these student’s eyes are either: not working together; skimming through words or lines when reading, or they have trouble copying off the board
  • They develop stress when doing homework and often lose the focus of the task

How can a Parent Reduce Homework time and Stress?

When a student has trouble paying attention in class, they often must be re-taught the information at home.  What makes matters worse is that the student’s homework time which should have taken 45 minutes gets overextended to 1 and ½ hours due to re-teaching, and then over 2 hours since they cannot stay attentive to the work.


Vision problems affect their homework in several ways:

1-  They have trouble copying the notes off the board correctly, and you spend time trying to comprehend the project

2-  They glance at words or lines when reading, further confusing the subject.

3-  When they do math problems they do not often align their work correctly, children do not see minus and division signs, so they make careless errors


Students often get tense when doing homework and battles often follow.  What often happens, students are too overwhelmed to ask questions in class, and they simply get stuck, the student or parent gets annoyed on the workflow progress, and then a disagreement occurs which often intensifies into a battle.


What I recommend is that parents:

  •  Stay calm and have patience when doing homework with your child
  •  If your child gets stressed, pause for about 1 or 3-minutes
  •  Make sure children are fed and have a drink there before doing homework and
  •  When reading or studying, use an index card to keep them focused on the correct line

–  If you notice the attention of your child is an important issue, think about getting an ADHD analysis.  If your child has a learning disability or attention issues suggestively influence their academic routine, the student could be eligible for what schools call an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), with an IEP your child could get help for homework and teaching which might include:

  • Notes provided by Teachers to assist in learning the assignment better
  • Teacher is more attentive to student with a disability to help in succeeding
  • Teacher will check homework before turning in to make sure the student understands the assignment and has written the assignment correctly
  • Having you sign that they completed the task and putting it in a secure place where it can be easily found
  • An early warning system will be in place, where the teacher notifies the parents of any issues first.





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