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Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs Review

Snug Safe n Sound Earmuffs Review

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Snug Safe n Sound Earmuffs Review

I did receive the Snug Safe n Sound Earmuffs for free in exchange for my honest review.  Reviews are entirely my own and receiving a free product does not affect my honest review and opinion of the product.  I write reviews whether good or bad.  My goal is to help others when searching for a product or service by providing an honest review and answering any questions about it as well.  If there is anything else you would like to know, please leave a comment or email melissa@mmentions.com, and I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.

First, let me brief you on my son, for which these earmuffs were for.  My son is 2 ½ years old and has Sensory Processing Disorder.  If you are not aware of what Sensory Processing Disorder is, also known as SPD, the condition is when our brain has difficulties communicating with our senses.  SPD has a lot of similarities when it comes to Autism.  Just to give you an example that was explained to me by my son’s Occupational Therapist; imagine you are in a busy location.  Some cars are zooming past; you hear horns, sirens, the loud noises of a crowded street, people are quickly walking past you, and then you become isolated and feel overwhelmed with everything around you.  Everything becomes too loud, and everything is moving too fast. I have also read many articles and continue to learn about the disorder, just to get a better understanding of it, as there are so many different levels of SPD that a child can have and just to think about the various issues our children may be facing can be a bit overwhelming for us parents.

Snug Safe n Sound Earmuffs Review

A lot of times to help our kids out, it is best to not react to their condition, but get in there world and try to understand how they feel from their perspective.  I tend to do this a lot.  It has taken some time; however, now I know what my son needs, and whenever things bother him, I know how to handle it better, which in turn can help my son regulate himself when he has a meltdown.  For instance, my son has a sensitivity to individual sounds like my Ninja blender and fireworks.  Either of these will undoubtedly send my child into a panic, meltdown mode on which it seems like forever to try and console him when he gets like that.  I am genuinely grateful to have come across these headphones because there are no more meltdowns when I want to use the blender or if there are any other loud sounds I know my son will go into one of his fits these are the perfect solution.  I wanted to use them over time before I wrote my review to see how he would do with them because a child with SPD can like something one minute and hate it the next.  So we have had these defenders for a little over a month now, and we use them for the majority of when I am using the blender.  I use my blender frequently, and my son is so smart for 2, he knows when I am going to use it.  Our solution to his sound sensitivity are these headphones.  When I go to use the blender, I tell him, “Mommy’s gonna use the blender, so keep these on to protect your ears, until I’m done, ok?” And what amazes me most is he keeps them on!!  That right there lets me know they are worth every penny. My child usually does not keep anything on his head or face for longer than 2 seconds so to keep the headphones on, just amazes me!

Carter wearing his Snug Safe n Sound Earmuffs
Carter wearing his Snug Safe n Sound Earmuffs

Snug Safe n Sound Earmuffs Review

I know they help with drowning out loud sounds because I used them myself to try out. I turned up the television loudly and put these on, and it just minimizes the sound drastically.  It doesn’t eliminate noise. However, it is perfect just to block out loud sounds or when you are in a busy environment, these work like magic.  What I like about the earmuffs is the one size fits all.  I would say these are good for children starting at age 2 and up through adults.  I do wish they made these headphones a little smaller and comfortable to sleep in, so I can block out my partners snoring.  If you need a solution to drown out loud snoring and don’t mind wearing slightly bulky earmuffs, then this is the product for you!  If you are a parent with a child with any disability or an adult that has any sound sensitivity, then I would highly recommend them.  They are the perfect traveling size where they can be easily folded up and put into a more substantial purse or bag to take with you whenever you might need them.  They are easily adjustable on both sides.  Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they also do just as the brand states, they have a snug for around your ears.


Just to give you some information on the defenders itself:

  • The headphones weigh 7 ounces, and the dimensions are 6.3 x 4.9 x 4.1 inches.
  • They do not require batteries
  • The decibel rating is 25db
  • The band on the top is about 5 mm thick with foam padding for comfortable wearing
  • They can be easily cleaned with a baby wipe or a damp washcloth
  • The defenders are water resistant, so if you get caught in the rain, they will not be damaged.


If you have a child with a sensitivity to sound or are an adult with sound sensitivity issues, these headphones are a perfect fit!  They are ideal for parades, busy stores, fireworks, movies, concerts, thunderstorms, and any loud noises that you know will be bothersome for your child or yourself.


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Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs / Hearing Protectors - Adjustable Headband Ear Defenders For Children and Adults (Original Blue)


Snug Safe n Sound Earmuffs



  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Helps children or adults who have sensitivity issues to loud sounds


  • A tad bit bulky depending on your needs

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