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5 Baby Shower Gifts That Mom Will Love

5 Baby Shower Gifts That Mom Will Love

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5 Baby Shower Gifts That Mom Will Love

With the pregnancy bug in the water system, you are bound to know someone who is having a baby, if you aren’t having one yourself. Pregnant women equal shopping time. Here are 5 gifts that any mother will most certainly be appreciative of. The baby shower gift ideas are great for those who are shopping or for moms to put on their gift registry.


  1. Diapers, diapers and more diapers. That is quite a bland gift but a very much needed gift. I don’t know any mom who will complain about having too many diapers with a newborn at home. To make diapers snazzy you have to dress it up a bit. You can find diaper cakes in lots of gift sites. Some come with as many as 150 diapers, plus booties, bibs and tons of other essentials for baby, but all in the shape of an all so cute cake. I have also seen some pretty cool diaper tricycles with a teddy bear. Or you can make a cute diaper wreath.

  1. Layettes, blankets, socks and burp cloths. Chances are they are going to get tons of these. However, these gifts tend to come in newborn or 3 months’ sizes which after a few weeks probably won’t serve its purpose anymore. This a great gift is if you buy them in larger sizes. After a few months, mom still has brand new gifts for the baby to enjoy. I personally had a lot of these items, and they all came in handy. I was completely grateful to have more than plenty, as when you have a little one you will be doing more laundry and having back-ups while others are washing are great to have.


  1. Pamper products for Mom. The last few weeks of pregnancy are very uncomfortable and can be hard on Mom. Let Mom have the star treatment as well. Once the baby is born, Mom’s 15 minutes of fame are over.


  1. Savings Bonds. A savings bond is a great way to help invest in the child’s future. While everyone is thinking of now, you are thinking ahead. It may also help jumpstart parents to jumpstart on baby’s future if they haven’t already.


  1. Gift Certificates. You can never go wrong with a gift certificate. Mom and Dad get to choose what they want and you gave them that satisfaction. The obvious choice for a gift certificate would be where the registry is set up. If they do not have a registry set up, good choices could include their favorite supermarket (formula, diapers) or baby store. Another gift certificate idea could be a check card gift certificate. It works like a credit card and can be used anywhere.


Tip: I suggest buying clothing for the parents-to-be as well.  Children are pricey so it never hurts to have several outfits.  I would also recommend buying clothes up in sizes as others may buy newborn clothing you can buy clothing 3 months and up, so the baby will grow into it.  You can never have enough clothes for a baby.  It is always best to have more than less.



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