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Making Your Home Safe and Secure for your Toddler

Making Your Home Safe and Secure for your Toddler

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Making Your Home Safe and Secure for your Toddler

In the early days of parenting, the least of your concerns is assessing the dangers and risks posed to your child about your home. It’s hard to believe that this tiny little person, so dependent upon you, will be motoring around any time soon. Unfortunately, the day your child begins to crawl and eventually walks comes much sooner than you expect. It is important to be prepared for when your child becomes more mobile and curious by properly assuring your home is safe.


Accidents in the home are the primary cause of death in U.S. children and most of these occurrences are completely avoidable. By taking a few simple precautions, injuries in the home can be avoided.


The easiest way to make your home is safe is to assess potential dangers room by room. In the kitchen, you should be sure to install safety latches on cabinets and drawers, especially the areas where you store cleaning solutions, breakable dishware and sharp objects such as scissors and knives. As little ones become more independent and self-sufficient, consider dedicating one cabinet or drawer to child safe dishes they can access themselves. When cooking, use the back burners on the stove-top and always keep the handles of pots and pans turned inward and out of the reach of a curious child.


Safety latches should be installed on cabinets and drawers in your bathroom as well to keep them away from cleaners, medicines and objects such as razors. Be sure to unplug any electrical appliances such as a blow dryer or curling iron directly after use and put out of a child’s reach. Keep all electrical appliances away from the bathtub. Toilet locks should be used in homes of small children to keep the lids down and prevent drowning. Young children are top-heavy and can easily fall into a toilet if they lean in to play in it and can drown in less than an inch of water. It is imperative to closely supervise your child in the bathroom at all times.


Around your house be sure to secure furniture that could tip easily, such as bookshelves, by attaching to the wall with brackets. Use doorknob covers to keep them out of rooms with potential hazards and keep them from leaving the house unsupervised. Assure the cords of your window blinds are secure and out of reach as they can present a strangulation hazard to young children. Always cover your electrical outlets with protective covers to keep small fingers from them and small objects from being inserted into them.


Allowing your child to move freely about the house does not have to be terrifying. Taking simple precautions and using common sense will assure your home is safe for your little one. Address hazards immediately and you will have no problem creating a secure haven for your growing child.

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