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Get Outside with Your Toddler: Explore Nature

Get Outside with Your Toddler: Explore Nature

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Get Outside with Your Toddler: Explore Nature

Summertime can be a challenging season for a parent of a toddler. These little creatures are exploring boundaries and testing limitations so venturing outside is often a game of cat and mouse: chasing and herding and basically acting like your child’s shadow to keep them away from potential dangers. The key to enjoying the great outdoors with your little one is to keep them engaged in interesting activities and nothing is more accessible and free than exploring the nature.


Birds are just a few of the many creatures that can be found outside and there are many different kinds to discover. If you have a backyard, put up and bird feeder and do some bird watching with your child. You can describe the types of birds you see and even draw or take pictures to document them.


Apart from birds, you and your child should also be able to find a large number of different bugs and insects. Most bugs and small insects can be caught and examined in small containers so your child can get not only a close-up look at them but also see how they go about their daily activities.


Examining nature is a great opportunity to teach your child that flowers and plants are living as well. You can pick flowers for a bouquet by placing the stems in water when you get home. You can also teach your child how to collect and press flowers. Being outside is also a great moment to teach your child how to garden by sowing seeds, watering and tending to the plants.

 It’s amazing what you can find outside and how easy it is to engage your child in the wonders of nature! Instead of chasing your child around a playground, try focusing their attention on the birds, bugs and plants around them. These things may not be of any great interest to you but your child will be easily impressed by what they find. For a fun, and educational, experience, get outside and see everything nature has to offer!

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