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Getting Ready for Kindergarten – MOM Edition

Getting Ready for Kindergarten – MOM Edition

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Getting Ready for Kindergarten – MOM Edition

When that first day of kindergarten is approaching, every effort is made to have your child prepared to head out on his or her first big adventure outside of your home. There is a lot to do between meeting with the teacher, buying clothes and school supplies and preparing the little one for the big challenge of being away from mom and dad for a few hours to a day at school. It’s a big step for the kiddo and for the family.


But there is one participant in this rush who is very important to the entire process yet often overlooked: Mom.


When you think about it, from birth until the day your child walks out the door for kindergarten, is a very intense period of closeness and bonding. For virtually every waking minute of those years, mom is aware of her child, helping her, taking care of her and keeping her safe and healthy every step of the way.


Now the time has come to let that little one be away from home every day for several hours and start the road toward ultimate independence. There are a lot of emotions and mixed feelings that a mother goes through in getting their child ready for kindergarten and that fateful day he or she begins that uphill road toward higher education and success.


Mothers should never hesitate to seek support during times of difficulty, and this momentous milestone is no exception. One of the people who can do a lot to help mom get ready for the big day is dad. If he is sensitive to the situation he will be aware that there is going to be a lot of anxiety and worry along with the good old selfish desire not to let that kiddo leave the house. Dad can be the voice of reason for mom and child as both cope with the new way of life. Other moms who have been through this before are also a tremendous resource of comfort and advice. The friends can fill in the silence caused during those first few days when the house seems far too quiet.


Mothers can also take advantage of volunteer opportunities or new hobbies to occupy the time until their children arrive home. They can also get involved with the school or the library, or participate in fundraisers for school-related causes.


It is important that Mom stays calm and patient during the preparation for and transition of her child attending school. Those who love and support her must make special effort to accommodate her fears and try to provide a stress-free environment. Children learn what they live and this relaxed approach will benefit the child as well.


Children face a huge change when beginning school, but Mom also faces an equally difficult challenge. Through support and love, however, this transition can be smooth and relatively pain-free.

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