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Creating a Boredom Buster Kit

Creating a Boredom Buster Kit

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Creating a Boredom Buster Kit

During days off, school breaks and summer vacations, kids can get pretty bored.  As the parent, you can try to schedule lots of activities to fill time, but filling every moment is neither practical or necessary. Kids need the opportunity to use their imaginations and come up with their own way to fill time. Instead of planning a whole bunch of activities, you can try setting up a kit of open-ended, boredom buster materials for your child to discover their own activities.

A boredom buster kit doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to set up. With just a few materials and toys you have around the house, or can pick up inexpensively at a dollar store, your child will be able to stretch their imagination and fill some time. Because some of the materials suggested are a bit large, you’ll need a fairly big box or bag to hold it all. A couple of great options are a milk crate or an empty diaper box, you could even suggest that your kiddos first boredom busting activity could be decorating the crate or box. Now, here are some suggestions for materials to collect for an awesome kid’s boredom busting kit:

Art materials

Of course you’ll want to include paper and crayons or markers, but you might also want to collect some recyclable materials and glue that your kiddo can unleash their imagination on to create some fun “junk art.”

Coloring books

Open ended art supplies are really good for the imagination, but coloring books are also lots of fun and can even be a stress buster along with being a boredom buster.


If Legos are something your child uses often, they may not be different enough to include, unless you get a few new pieces or a new set. Or, you could include just some basic Legos, and when your child wants to use them, let her or him look online for some new building ideas. For a child who doesn’t use Legos often, they are a great boredom buster and an awesome way to build imagination and practice fine motor and spatial awareness skills.

Books or magazines

Reading is an awesome way for kids to pass time. New books are especially fun and exciting, you can find new books at the library, of course, or dollar stores or thrift stores often have great selections of inexpensive books. For kids who don’t particularly like reading, magazines or comic books are good alternatives.

Play dough

Play dough is a great boredom buster, there’s just something about squishing and molding dough that calms, and entertains for hours on end. Kids of all ages (even grown ups) enjoy play dough!

Writing prompts

For bigger kids who know how to write, a list of writing prompts (easily found online) is a great thing to include. For little kids, it could be a drawing prompt, a few lines or shapes on a page that they can add to.

Cards and dice

There are several card and dice games kids can play by themselves, Solitaire is a great game to teach kids because it’s fairly easy and entertaining. If you have more than one child, there are lots of games they can play to fill some time.

What t about your kids, do they get bored? Hopefully by keeping these materials together will help your child occupy their time on days off or vacations. What’s one other thing you would add to a boredom buster kit for your kids?

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