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Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget

Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget

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Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget 

It may seem that more often than not, parents are going all out for their children’s birthday parties.  The amount of money that they spend on these parties may even rival an event such as a wedding.  But you don’t have to take out a loan just to give your kid an amazing birthday.  Chances are they are not going to remember the expensive catered meal or even the costly decorations.  Here are some tips to still throw an amazing birthday party on a budget.

  1. Pick the right venue.  While a trampoline park or the arcade may be a fun place to hold your event, typically they come with a high cost.  Picking the right venue can help save you lots of money when it comes to keeping it within your budget.  A way to save a ton of money is having it out of your own home. You don’t have to worry about transporting food or decorations and if you forget anything you are already at home.  If your home doesn’t lend itself to parties, look into hosting it at a close park nearby.  Generally having it at a park can just cost $50 in pavilion rental fees and you have a playground nearby to keep your kid entertained.
  2. Pick your theme early. When you have a theme early, you can start looking out for great deals or clearance items.  Remember that if you have the theme, for example, Thomas the Train, you don’t have to necessarily buy all the licensed party stuff such as plates, utensils and cups.  You can easily save money on just buying the paper supplies with the plain matching colors.  Trust us when we say your kids are not going to care that they didn’t get Thomas the train decorated cups.  Be on the lookout for items that have your theme on it not only in the clearance area in stores, but at garage sales or mom to mom sales.
  3. Exercise those crafting skills. You may feel that you’re not quite crafty and it would be too difficult for you to put together decorations or even bake your own birthday cake when it comes to putting together your children’s birthday party.  But you won’t ever know unless you try.  Pinterest is such a great tool and you can find amazing tutorials that even the most crafty-challenged person can do.  In the end, you’ll be even more impressed that you were able to put together a beautiful party on your own and earned your bragging rights too.
  4. Throw your party in between meals. Another big cost of birthday parties is the food.  Not only is it a bit stressful trying to think of what to feed everyone (and everyone’s food restrictions) but it also takes a lot of time and money to put it all together.  To save costs of ordering out or catering, schedule your birthday party in between meals.  This way you can just serve appetizers, snack foods and of course the birthday cake.  You won’t have to worry about feeding your guests a full meal.







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