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Why I Will Never Complain About Running Errands Again

Why I Will Never Complain About Running Errands Again

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Why I Will Never Complain About Running Errands Again

One Monday morning, I was up to my eyeballs in things to do and it wasn’t even 7am yet. I was grouchy and grumbly, trying to get my eldest ready for school, shuffle my husband off to work with all his things and making sure my youngest actually ate her breakfast instead of mashing it onto the table and rug. I was so busy with these mundane tasks and all the idiotic errands I needed to run that I wasn’t enjoying that I could run them at all. I would soon see something that would remind me to be grateful even for my daily monotony.


I had just dropped my eldest at preschool. My youngest was kicking off her shoes and socks in her car seat much to my disapproval. We had so many tasks ahead of us that morning. My husband had dropped his iPhone in the toilet the night before and by the grace of God, it was fine after he dried it out in rice over night. But his leather case was ruined and now I had to start my day with this errand before running to all the other places that had been on my list before he carelessly let his phone tumble into the toilet.


Of course, I caught the light so I rolled to a stop at the line. Although I was looking out the window, I was miles away in my mind thinking about all kinds of things from the projects I needed to write for my clients to my eldest’s upcoming birthday party to trying to remember to schedule service for the car and so on. My reverie was disrupted by a big, loud bang. I’d seen a truck go by not long before and assumed something fell off the back into the street.


It was then that I noticed the people in the SUV next to mine were pointing and agitated. Since they’d rolled up further to the line, I couldn’t see what was going on. I rolled up to see past their vehicle and that’s when I saw it. It wasn’t the truck that I saw go by. Some car had run the red light and had completely flipped over a minivan it had collided with.


My heart sank as a woman screamed for help, trying to open the rear door to get to a child in there. As horrible as that was, thankfully there was already an officer on the scene. He was in an unmarked car. Another blessing was that the fire station was literally about 500 feet away.


I drove away knowing that I was lucky to have stupid errands to run. Maybe that woman felt as I did before she left home with her child. She would likely have killed for an ordinary errand-running day after that.


I won’t be complaining about errands any more. I am lucky to be alive and well, and even luckier that my children, husband and people that I care about are too.

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