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When Illnesses Strike: Handling Sickness in Your Home

When Illnesses Strike: Handling Sickness in Your Home

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When Illnesses Strike: Handling Sickness in Your Home

It is an inevitable part of parenting. One day, particularly on a day where you have too much to do, life makes other plans for you in the form of a sick child. And if the fates are especially cruel to you on that day, the other children in your household will all come down with it too.


The only thing worse than this of course is when you yourself come down with whatever it is that they’ve got. You silently curse the children in their class and their parents. What inconsiderate louse sent their germ-riddled child into school to spread it around to your children? And then you realize that perhaps it might not be any children that are to blame here. It could have originated from the touch of a door handle at the store. Or that sneezy receptionist at the office. One thing is for certain though…wherever it came from isn’t the issue anymore. It’s how to get rid of it that is.



This is probably a no-brainer but we often forget the germiest places of all. Door handles and faucets are some of the worst. So are light switches. Disinfect it all from top to bottom. Naturally, this is hard when you are sick as well but you need to kill all those nasties and get them out of your house.


Drink lots of fluids.

Water is essential in shooing this away. While you know this, it might be harder to convince your kids to drink enough of it. You can try flavoring it with fresh fruit, or give them juice that you dilute with water.



Hahaha, I know. I never get enough sleep myself even when everyone in the house is well so how could I possibly get a moment to rest when everyone is sick and screaming for me to bring them more juice or change the channel on the TV? Get those kids to sleep and then take a break from germ-slaying and go lay down. Your white blood cells need to get busy kicking the germs out of your body and they do their best work when you’re taking it easy.


Enlist some help.

If either set of grandparents lives nearby, hopefully they will take pity on you. You won’t care if your kids are having their 10th bowl of ice cream in the same day if you don’t have to deal with them coughing, sneezing and vomiting on you, I promise.


Take vitamins.

You should be taking vitamins anyway even when you’re well. They won’t stop you from getting every illness but they will greatly reduce your chances of coming down with whatever your kids might bring home from school. Ones that are rich in vitamin C and the B vitamins are great for building immunity.


There is only one thing worse than having sick kids and being sick yourself though…having a sick husband! They complain worse than the kids! Stay well, because your husband will always be your largest and whiniest child, I guarantee it!

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