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Take a Stand against Bullying

Take a Stand against Bullying

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Take a Stand against Bullying

If you were ever bullied as a kid, you know how hurtful it is and how difficult it is to go to school when a person or a group of them do and say terrible things to you. When I was in middle school, a friend of mine and I were targeted by two horrible girls who were one year older. We had never said a word to these girls. They just decided to come after us.


While they thankfully didn’t physically assault us, they called us vile names and made things very unbearable for us. My father figured out what was going on when I kept faking sick and acting strangely. He’d read my diary and while I wasn’t exactly happy about that part, I was so happy for his help. He helped me to stand up for myself which has served me well in my adult life too.


These girls wouldn’t stop bothering us until my father stepped in and spoke to the dean of the school. Once the problem was brought to light and the parents of those girls were notified, things changed completely. No longer were those girls mean to us. We didn’t want to see them again but at least we could go to school without feeling afraid.


Bullying happens because people feel inadequate with their own lives. Often, they are jealous of those they attempt to ridicule. When they get laughs from others or make people feel bad about themselves, they feel they are superior.


If your child is being bullied, you’ll need to do your part to help out. Have your child document every instance with names, dates, times and a description of what kind of bullying is taking place. Your child should also notify their teacher. Follow up with the teacher to make sure the problem is being resolved. If problems still exist, call a meeting with the principal and see if you can meet with the parents of the bully to help resolve the issue once and for all. Your child has the right to go to school without feeling attacked and to feel safe while they are learning.


Should you find out that your child is bullying someone, sit them down and talk to them about their behavior. Find out why they are doing it and help them to make amends. Let them know that bullying is unacceptable behavior that you won’t tolerate.


Bullying can end if we teach our children well from both ends. We need to teach them to be assertive as well as kind. Lessons like these will serve them well when they grow up and they can handle conflict in appropriate ways.

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