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5 Unforgettable & Awesome Playdate Themes

5 Unforgettable & Awesome Playdate Themes

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5 Unforgettable & Awesome Playdate Themes

Playdates are great.  They are a wonderful way for your kids to make new friends and practice their socializing skills while giving parents another adult to talk to.  While hosting a playdate can be intimidating they are actually quite fun to put together.  You may be worried if the children will have fun or will they get bored fast.  One way to make sure that your playdate is successful is to have a playdate theme.  They make planning playdate a whole lot easier to plan and are definitely memorable.  Here are 5 unforgettable and totally awesome playdate themes:

  • Messy Playdate.  This is a favorite for young ones.  We spend so much time telling them to be careful, wipe their hands and not to be messy that everyone once in a while we should just embrace it.  But children learn best by exploring and that means getting messy.  This playdate is best played outside.  Have stations around your backyard with small plastic pools or large flat plastic totes that are filled with things they can get messy with such as dirt with shovels or shaving cream with dinosaurs buried in it.  If it’s a warm day, a sprinkler run will get them clean again.
  • Pirates & Princess playdate. This is a fun playdate, especially for the kids who love to dress up in costume.  Each child comes dressed up in their best princess or a pirate costume to go on a treasure hunt.  Have clues all around the home that will lead them to their treasure.  Make it easy or hard depending on their age and skill level.  Celebrate after the treasure hunt with a tea party where treats and juice is served.


  • Bird House Painting playdate. Tiny bird houses can be found just about anywhere for $3 or less.  Try the Dollar store or Target’s one spot section.  Have everyone paint their own small bird house and then have seed so they can fill it.  This gives children an opportunity to learn a bit about birds while also getting to express their creative side.  The painted birdhouse is a nice souvenir from the playdate and they will love watching birds visiting it when their parents hang it in their backyard.
  • Drive in movie playdate. This is a fun pretend play playdate.  All you need is some cardboard boxes (large diaper boxes work great for this project) and cover them up with craft paper.  Glue 4 black circles for wheels around the box.  For the first part of the playdate, each child gets a car for them to decorate.  At the end of the playdate have them sit in their new “car” with popcorn to snack on while they watch their favorite show on the TV.  They will enjoy pretending they are at a drive-in movie.
  • Car wash. Is it a hot day?  Having a pretend car wash is a great way to keep cool.  Have everyone bring their favorite backyard toy like a ride on car or bike with the goal to wash their toy.  Have buckets of soapy water and sponges available for everyone.  You can also set up a sprinkler so that they can ride their toy through it to rinse off.  A bonus is that everyone comes home with a clean toy.






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