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How To Balance Your Life As A Working Mom

How To Balance Your Life As A Working Mom

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How To Balance Your Life As A Working Mom

Moms are always busy and there is never enough time in a day, but when you are a working mom, it seems like the time every day is less.  It is important for moms to not only take care of their families but to also take care of themselves.  There are many different things that any mom can do to make their day easier and it will also allow moms to find more time for themselves.


Every mom needs to know what is scheduled for every week and where everyone needs to be at all times.  The easiest way to do this is to keep one calendar with everyone’s schedule.  You can use the person’s whole name, initials or color code the information.  Whichever you think will work best for you.  Every Sunday, go through the calendar for the week and figure out how everyone is going to get to where they go.  A great thing to do is to set up a carpool arrangement with other parents so you are not driving all of the time.


After you have checked the schedule on Sunday, the next thing that you can do is make a menu of dinners for the following week.  Every morning you can get whatever you need out of the freezer and you won’t be scrambling at the end of the day.  You will know exactly what you are making and as long as you plan accordingly, you should be able to eat dinner quickly.


Now I know that a lot of parents want their children to be children, but this does not mean that they cannot help out a little around the house.  As soon as the children are old enough to do certain things, they should be helping out.  Every child over the age of five should be able to put their own dishes in the dishwasher, take their dirty clothes to the laundry room and pick up their own toys.  As they continue to grow, you will be able to show them how to do other things.  Every little bit that they do, will be less that you have to do and this means more time.


Most moms take very little time for themselves, however it is a very important thing to do and every mom needs to learn how to do this.  Whether it is an hour exercising, half an hour reading a book or going out for a cup of coffee with a friend, you need to do it for you.  This time for you will help you recharge and you will find that you have a little more energy after your time alone.


No one said that being a working mom was going to be easy, but it is possible to find time for everything that you want to do.  It just takes some planning and sometimes you may need to say no if someone asks you to do something.  Don’t feel guilty, just do what you need to in order to get through each day.


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