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How to Maintain Friendships When You Are Busy

How to Maintain Friendships When You Are Busy

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How to Maintain Friendships When You Are Busy

Remember when you were a kid and keeping in touch with a friend only required throwing a crumpled up note at the back of their head in science class? Those were the days, alright.  But now that we’re adults with jobs and kids to attend to and bills to pay how do we manage to maintain our friendships over time? Especially with friends who are in the same busy boat?

Here are five tips for keeping up with your friends thorough even your busiest days:


  1. Talk, Talk, Talk! – Whether it’s through social media, video chat or just on the good old-fashioned phone, remembering to get in touch with your friend is obviously the most important part in keeping them! Set aside some time each week, (or, if you can’t manage that, each month) to chat with your friend for a little while and catch up on what’s been going on in each other’s busy lives.
  2. When you set aside that time, STICK TO IT! – Remember to make sure to set aside a time that will be feasible for you. Nothing that might overlap with your workday or the kid’s soccer practice at any point. Stick to the time you appointed to chat, even if it’s just a few minutes your friend will definitely appreciate it.
  3. You don’t have to drop everything to get in touch – Technology has come a long way since the days of having to sit in the living room, hogging the phone line while your older sister yelled at you. Try texting or Facebook chatting with your friend to talk to them. You can do other things while they reply and its portable!
  4. Set up a permanent coffee date – This can be a tricky one, as finding time to go out with a friend is rough when you’ve got so much going on. But setting up a permanent monthly coffee date with your friend is a great way to stay in touch and commiserate. Pick a nearby coffeehouse or any place that you feel comfortable and tell your family that you intend to spend one evening every month with your friend there. Having a bit of time to chat with a good friend is not only important for your friendship but for your mental health.
  5. Don’t get discouraged! – Most importantly of all, don’t get discouraged about the idea of moving aside some things in your life for your friend. It can take time and will definitely require the patience of the main people in your life, but hopefully they will be understanding of the fact that you need time to be with friends and just relax for a little while. And then maybe you can reciprocate with your boss or husband by giving them time with their friends, too!


These are just a few tips for maintaining healthy friendships when you are a busy, driven individual who doesn’t have time to go to the movies or the mall every weekend. Remember, don’t get discouraged if you miss a conversation or even a few months of meetings with your friend! You can still get back on the right track. Friendships are like gardens, if you provide special care and attention eventually they will bloom into something beautiful.

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