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Totally Random Thoughts You Have at the Gym

Totally Random Thoughts You Have at the Gym

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Totally Random Thoughts You Have at the Gym

For me, going to the gym is a necessary evil. I am determined to get back to my former pre-baby-body glory and be fit and fabulous as I trek into my 40s. This is going to be my best decade yet! Of course, it’s not always so easy finding the motivation to go to the gym. But one thing that gets me to lace up my Nikes and run out the door is the break I get from my kids. As a mom, you can dig it, can’t you? Absolutely, because even locking yourself in the bathroom and pretending to poop is a pleasant respite sometimes.


At the gym, I put my iPod on something that will get me moving. And as I begin my journey to kick-ass awesomeness on the elliptical trainer, a stream of random thoughts begin to flow through my brain…


Ugh. I do NOT feel like doing this.

Can I have a cookie?

Is that guy looking at me?

Oh my God. He IS looking at me. Does he think I’m hot or some fat old mom?

ZOMG. Do I even LOOK like a mom?

No way.

I don’t even look my age. Right?

How much longer do I have on this thing?

17 minutes?!?

Oooh! Def Leppard! I love them!

I remember when I used to sync up my Hysteria CD while on the phone with Luli in middle school? Hahaha.

WHY is that guy counting his sets so loudly that I can hear him over my music?

I better turn this up so I don’t have to hear him.

Oh no. I feel like I have to fart. Please don’t fart. Please don’t fart! I will DIE.

Can I pick my wedgie without anyone noticing?

Is that guy going to sit on the bench pressing machine all night or will I ever be able to get in to do my set?

Someone clearly is not wearing deodorant. P.U.!

Say, it’s been 10 minutes. I’m getting there!

What should I make for dinner?

Hmmm…maybe that pork thing with baked potatoes…

NOOOOOOOOOO! I forgot to buy potatoes at the store!

How could I be such an idiot?!? It was on my list too. Gah!!!!!

Come on, brain! Think up a new dinner plan!

Hey! My foot fell asleep. How in the heck can my foot sleep through this torture?!?

Did I work off that cookie I ate earlier?

How many calories did I burn now?

Is it time to get off this thing yet?

How about now?



Oh, the TV in the corner is on. What channel is it on?

Oh joy. It’s more endless blabbery from those presidential candidates.

Do those people ever stop talking?

I’d rather watch golf. Make it stop. MAKE IT STOP!!!

One minute to go? Nice!

Hey, I did it! I did my cardio. I feel great!

I’m so proud of me! Let’s do it again tomorrow!

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