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Sippy Cup 101: 4 Tips For Making The Transition

Sippy Cup 101: 4 Tips For Making The Transition

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Sippy Cup 101: 4 Tips For Making The Transition

Many parents cringe at the thought of dealing with the growing pains that come with making the transition from the bottle to a sippy cup, but the transition doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these tips and you’ll find that making the transition from a bottle to a cup is easier than you think.

Start Early

Many people wait until their child hits their first birthday to introduce the sippy cup, but this is a mistake. Introducing a sippy cup as soon as a baby has mastered maintaining a tight grasp, around the age of six months, gives toddlers time to practice grasping the sippy cup and bringing it to their mouth. Don’t expect your toddler to actually begin drinking out of the cup yet, at first he will mostly just play with it, but with continuous practice many toddlers begin using it regularly around nine months old.

Choose the Right Cup

Be sure to choose a sippy cup that is easy for your toddler to handle. The cup should be lightweight and have handles making it easier for your toddler’s tiny hands to grasp. Also consider choosing a cup with your child’s favorite character on it or one that is his favorite color to help get him excited about his new cup.

Show and Tell

Demonstrate how to use the sippy cup for your toddler by showing him how to grasp the handles with both hands and bring it to his mouth. Make it fun so your toddler stays interested, such as by making silly faces as you pretend to drink from the cup.

Be Consistent

For best results, it is important to be consistent in working with your child with the sippy cup. Begin by switching your child’s midday bottles for the sippy cup and as he becomes more accustomed to it begin making the switch for the rest of his feedings.

Change can be stressful, and making the switch from a bottle to a sippy cup is a major change for your toddler, so be patient. Follow these tips and he’ll be drinking from a cup like a pro in no time.

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