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Teething Troubles: Bringing Relief to Your Little One

Teething Troubles: Bringing Relief to Your Little One

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Teething Troubles: Bringing Relief to Your Little One

It’s always so exciting when your baby’s little mouth starts to sprout teeth. The days of those gummy smiles are fading fast. But along with the new teeth come big pains for both you and your baby. Sleepless nights filled with tears will soon plague your home if you don’t step up with some solutions. Fortunately for you, there are some really simple and effective ways you can help bring relief to your teething child.


For starters, you can work with what you’ve got at home. Home remedies are awesome because you likely already have these things. Teething pains always strike at the most inconvenient, and often very late, times so having things you can use around the house to help you works great in a pinch.


A cold, wet washcloth is a great, natural soother. Freeze it or simply put it in the fridge to chill. Babies love this because of the texture of the washcloth and the cold temperature. And this should go without saying, but make sure that the washcloth you use is clean.


If you’re ever on the go and find yourself, as many moms do (myself especially included), having forgotten something to help your child with teething, you can use your own hand to provide a simple yet effective gum massage. The only preparation you need is soap and water (or hand sanitizer) to make sure your hands are clean.


Out to eat? Ask your server if they can bring you a chilled spoon. It’s really important that you stress that the spoon be chilled in the refrigerator and not put in the freezer. If you ever saw A Christmas Story, then you are quite aware of what can happen when a tongue comes into contact with a frozen surface.


We ALL forget things but the next time you head out to the store, make sure that you put teethers on your list. There are tons of them to choose from and since babies can be picky little things, you might need to give your child a few of them to try before you find one they like. There are plush ones that are like little stuffed animals, which are easy to clean when you toss them in the laundry with the rest of your stuff. Wooden teethers are very natural but might cause your child to have a hankering for the coffee table when he gets a bit bigger. Rubber teethers are really common and are the kind most moms grab. Some are filled with liquids. Others have bumps and ridges. Some are a combination of those two. What’s great about these is that you can put them in the fridge which makes them even more soothing. But be careful to check out the labels and make sure that they don’t contain BPA, PVC, phthalates or artificial colors.


Alternatively, you can always use OTC treatments. But if you do, you should check with your child’s pediatrician first. Babies under 6 months shouldn’t take anything unless the doctor says so and it’s imperative that you understand directions and dosages of anything you give your child.


Don’t forget that the best thing you can give your child when their teeth are causing them agonizing pain is lots of love. Sometimes a big distraction and an even bigger dose of TLC are all they need.

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