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Eggsactly What You Need to Give Somebunny a Happy Easter!

Eggsactly What You Need to Give Somebunny a Happy Easter!

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Eggsactly What You Need to Give Somebunny a Happy Easter!

Looking for something fun to do with the kids for the holiday? Look no further!

Easter is quickly approaching. And before the Easter Bunny graces us with jellybeans and chocolate bunnies that will soon be inexplicably decapitated, it’s a good idea to plan what you’ll do with your family. Easter is such a special holiday. If you’re wondering how to make it eggstra special, here are some suggestions that you can turn into family traditions for years to come!


Paint some eggs

One of the most special things you can do with your kids for Easter is to decorate Easter eggs. You can dye them with the dye kits or even make your own dyes. Or you can use watercolor paints or even markers. Not up for a big mess? Small children will be just as happy putting stickers on their eggs, and you’ll be happy too if you only have to peel extra stickers off your child.


Go on an Easter egg hunt

If your community or your church is hosting an Easter egg hunt, GO! Those are crazy fun! But if there’s not one near you, don’t let that stop you. Run on over to the dollar store and pick up plastic Easter eggs and little candies. Then make sure the kids are properly distracted while you hide the eggs. Don’t make it too hard or you’ll be finding plastic eggs with melted chocolate and a trail of ants in another few weeks!


Make Easter crafts

Big kids and small kids alike love making crafts so why not use that to your advantage? For smaller kids, you can have them make bunnies by cutting out a bunny shape from some sturdy construction paper and having the kids glue cotton balls to it. Bigger kids can put all those jellybeans from their Easter baskets to good use by making them into wearable, eatable jewelry. All you need is a needle and a thread, and lots of jellybeans!


Bake Easter treats

There’s nothing like a big feast of an Easter dinner to bring the family together. And no big feast could ever be complete without sweet treats. Make cupcakes and top them with mini-chocolate eggs. And as no Easter could ever be complete without Cadbury Crème Eggs, you can use them to make mind-blowing desserts like these.


Easter games

While Easter egg hunts will always be every child’s favorite activity (it is kind of hard to beat), there are plenty of other fun games that you can play that will hopefully be seen as a close second. Try an Easter egg roll, where each child is given a hard-boiled egg to roll from one place to the next using only their nose. Pin the tail on the Easter bunny is also a fun twist on the old birthday game staple. And for a real blast, you can get an Easter piñata. Fill it up with Easter candy and stickers to let this Easter end with a bang!

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