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A Little Change of Perspective

A Little Change of Perspective

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A Little Change of Perspective

It had been one of those days. If you’ve ever had a three-year-old in your home, you understand. Three can be a fantastic age…but it can also be rather trying. I’d had one of those trying days with my precious child. He was driving me crazy, talking nonstop, just being obnoxiously silly.


I’d escaped to my bedroom to calm my rattling brain. My husband walked in a few minutes later to see if I was okay. I explained how frustrated I was, lamented about how difficult this new stage was. When my son was two and throwing the typical tantrums, it was so easy to just turn my back and ignore him until he calmed down, but three had brought this whole new level of crazy to my life. I was at my wit’s end.


The words had literally just left my mouth when we heard our son at the door. We both turned around to find him wearing a pair of those ridiculous glasses with the giant nose and mustache. I laughed. I might have even snorted. But that silliness that had gotten the best of me earlier in the day was the exact remedy that I’d needed to put the irritation and impatience behind me. My “problem” had become my “solution” with a simple change in perspective (and a very fuzzy mustache).


Here’s my point, Mama. Life with kids is tough. They hand you this sweet bundle of joy in the hospital, but they don’t tell you how hard life will be, how much your life will change. And the difficulties never end. When you finally put a frustrating phase behind you or find a good solution for the newest problem, something else just comes along. It’s a never-ending cycle that can steal your joy if you let it.


But don’t let that cycle steal your joy, Mama. You see, the funny thing about kids is that as much difficulty as they bring to your life, they also bring that much more joy: those big, long-lashed eyes staring adoringly at you when you’re so sleep-deprived that you think you can’t possibly go on; those chubby little arms hugging your leg when you feel like you just can’t take another tantrum; the musical sound of laughter when you’re feeling lost; the sweet warmth of a hug when you’re feeling lonely; the impromptu dance party when you’re feeling down. Mama, those precious little creatures who give you headaches and keep you up at night and often make you doubt your sanity also adore you and love you unconditionally.


So when those crazy moments come, take a good, long look at those sweet faces and try to shift your focus. Sit back and listen to the sounds of laughter, of footsteps running up and down your hall, of pure joy, and be thankful. You’ve been given one of the most amazing gifts in the world, the gift of motherhood. Embrace it. Take a step back and see your life for what it is: messy, chaotic, crazy, and oh so beautiful. In the difficult moments, find the beauty and cling to it. And then grab the nearest kid and give him the biggest hug ever. You’re not perfect, your kids aren’t perfect, but loving each other fiercely in this messy thing we call life is the best kind of perfection you can find.


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