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Making the Transition to Toddler Bed: How to Know When it’s Time

Making the Transition to Toddler Bed: How to Know When it’s Time

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Making the Transition to Toddler Bed: How to Know When it’s Time

As you watch your baby grow bigger and bigger each day, you keep track of all the lovely milestones they go through. The first word. The first steps. The first taste of solid food. The first tooth. All of these things are treasures we hold dear in our hearts forever.


Of course, one day will come where it will be time for another big milestone – changing your child’s crib out for a toddler bed. Since every child is different, there’s no hard and fast set time where you MUST put your child to bed in a toddler bed and ditch the crib, but here are some tips that will make that transition smoother when you, and more importantly, your child, are ready.


Have the talk

One of the most important steps in getting your child ready to switch from crib to toddler bed is to talk to them about the change well in advance. Change is tougher for kids so you’ll have to warm your child up to what’s about to go down, especially if the reason you’re making the switch is because a new baby is on the way. Start about a month before you would like to make the switch. Tell them how big they are and how they’re getting too big for their crib. You may even want to bring it up at each bed time while you’re getting ready to read a story. If your child seems really resistant, don’t be pushy. Keep your tone soothing and patient. They will start to come around to this idea.


Let them choose

Children like to feel in control. Of course, we can’t let them decide everything on their own. However, when you give your child a choice between an option or two, they feel like they have a say. Take your child along when you look for toddler beds. If money is a concern, show your toddler a couple that are within your budget. Let them decide which of those beds they like the best.


Don’t forget about bedding

What you put on that bed is just as important. You can let your child pick from comforters and sheets too. You want them to like the bed they’ll be sleeping in. A really fun way to get your child in the mood for this is to take them for lunch first and then go shopping. It will be a great way to bond together and get them super excited for their new bed.


Be prepared for resistance

Even if you lay the best foundation for this process, it might very well go over like a lead balloon. You can keep your child from popping out of their room every five minutes by moving your child gates to their doorway. Also, try offering some kind of incentive for staying in the toddler bed all night. Stickers work great and can be used to build up to a big reward, like going out for ice cream or some other treat that will get them excited about staying in their new bed.

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