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Car Safety Tips for Dads

Car Safety Tips for Dads

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Car Safety Tips for Dads

Driving with the kids can be fun, but it is vital to stay attentive at the same time.  Driving alone is difficult and it can be even more challenging when you have children riding in the car.  You have to keep them safe and occupied during the trip while you try to focus on driving.  Here are some safety tips for dads when they are driving.

– Always be prepared

It is always better to be prepared than to be left without a plan if something happens.  All cars should be fully stocked with certain supplies to help if there is an emergency.  Experts recommend that you should have some basic tools for repair, a first aid kit, flashlight, shovel, cell phone, water, blankets, and a few non-perishable items just in case.  Any emergency medication that children need should also be in the car as well.


– Stay safe during winter weather

Driving during the winter is tough, especially if you live in a very snowy climate.  Before you put your child in the car, let it warm up for a few minutes so the car will run smoothly once you get out on the road.  It is also helpful to keep a shovel, brush, blanket, and antifreeze in the car to make it through the snow.  Having a membership with an auto club can also be helpful because they will be able to tow your car just in case it gets stuck in the snow.

Car Safety Tips for Dads

– Keep the kids busy

Driving with children is a little bit different because they will usually not sit quietly unless they have something to do.  Before each trip, pack some road trip activities like their favorite toys or give them a few books to read while they in the car.  Make sure that you speak to them about the importance of keeping the car quiet so that you can focus on driving.

– Do not multitask

Multitasking is generally ineffective no matter what setting you are in.  Multitasking while driving is downright dangerous and it can possibly injure both you and the other people in the car.  Drop the cellphone, food, newspapers, and iPad before you start driving.  If something really important comes up, then you can pull over at the very least.

– Keep all of the children secure in their seats

Most states require that all underage passengers are securely placed in car seats or booster seats.  Buy quality car seats that will be comfortable and durable for the passengers.  The older kids should also be wearing seat belts as well.  Most family friendly cars should still be comfortable even with all of the car seats.


Driving the family around is just another one of the great aspects of fatherhood.  As long as everyone is safe and happy, you are on the right track.

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