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The Importance of Accepting Help

The Importance of Accepting Help

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The Importance of Accepting Help

Being a mom is a tough job. But unfortunately, we moms tend to make our job harder on ourselves than we need to. We try to put on a happy face. We pretend that we’re fine. We decline help when it’s offered. We suffer in silence.

But listen Mama, you don’t need to do that to yourself. Sure, there are times when you just have to suck it up and deal with things, but don’t be a martyr-mama.

When your mother-in-law asks if you need her help, let her come fold your mountains of clean laundry.

When that friendly grocery store clerk eyes your cart full of kiddos and asks if you need help getting out to your car, take him up on it!

When a friend looks you in the eye and asks if you’re okay, be honest. Tell her how you’re really feeling. More than likely, she’s either feeling the same way or has been in your shoes, and it will make her feel better to know that she’s not the only one!

When your mom calls to check in on you, and you’re very close to tears, let yourself cry!

The Importance of Accepting Help

We live in a world that is driven my social media, and mamas are becoming the all-too-frequent victims of that world. We strive for Pinterest perfect, Facebook happy, Instagram enviable lives, but we’re hurting ourselves and our families in the process.


Granted, no one likes a whiner or a drama queen, but Mama, it’s OKAY to not always have a happy face. It’s OKAY to have days when you feel sad or down or lonely or stressed. And it’s OKAY to let the people who care about you know how you feel. You’ll find that you’re capable of being a much better mama when you stop trying to be perfect and let people see the REAL you. Refusing to share your feelings causes a lot of stress and pressure to build up. And you know what happens when too much pressure builds up…BOOM! And the people you love most are usually the ones who get hit with the worst of the explosion. But if you sigh, vent, cry, share your feelings when you need to, it’s like a pressure release valve. Give yourself the chance to blow off steam and to be real, and you’ll find that you’re a much better wife, mama, and friend.


So the next time a concerned friend offers to bring you dinner because you have a house full of sick kiddos, let her! And don’t feel like you have to put on a happy face when she shows up. Be real with her, let her be real with you, and you’ll both have easier lives because of it.


Let your waiter bring you a high chair. Smile and express your thanks when someone holds a door open for you and your massive stroller. Let the sweet elderly lady behind you in line coo at your fussy baby while you swipe your debit card. Let your mom wash your dirty dishes. Let your sister come entertain your kids long enough for you to go take a walk by yourself. But don’t turn down help when you need it. Because you know what happens when you constantly decline offers of help? People eventually stop offering. So accept the help, be real with the people who care about you, and let the best job in the world be a little bit easier.




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